Triple Crown: Park City Results


That's a wrap for the Park City Open, a solid week of ripping.

Stage 1: Silver Queen DH

Women: 1st Samantha Noll 3:21, 2nd Kait Vanhoff 3:31, 3rd Makaela Victoria Herran 3:39

Men: 1st Chris Latimer 2:42, 2nd Nick Herrman 2:45, 3rd Barrett Cox 2:48

Stage 2: Moose House

Women: 1st Samantha Noll 2:30, 2nd Kait Vanhoff 2:48, 3rd Makaela Victoria Herran 5:44

Men: 1st Corky Harrer 1:04, 2nd Nick Herrman 1:08, 3rd Chris Latimer 1:16


Women: 1st Samantha Noll 5:51, 2nd Kait Vanhoff 6:19, 3rd Makaela Victoria Herran 9:23

Men: 1st Nick Herrman 3:53, 2nd Corky Harrer 3:55, 3rd Chris Latimer 3:58

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