Triple Crown: Bob's Basin Results


Here are the results after a fun first week of racing

Stage 1: Crazy 8 Shortened

Women: 1st Brita Ulf 2:52, 2nd Samantha Noll 3:44, 3rd Makaela Victoria Herran 3:47

Men: 1st Bo Torrey 2:42, 2nd Scott Channing Hall 2:42, 3rd Joe Bolton 2:54

Stage 2: Ant Farm

Women: 1st Brita Ulf 3:17, 2nd Samantha Noll 3:43, 3rd Makaela Victoria Herran 4:13

Men: 1st Scott Channing Hall 2:43, 2nd Rob Wykoff 2:54, 3rd Joe Bolton 2:57

Stage 3: Dropout

Women: 1st Makaela Victoria Herran 2:53, 2nd Brita Ulf 3:05, 3rd Samantha Noll 3:12

Men: 1st Scott Channing Hall 2:26, 2nd Barrett Cox 2:35, 3rd Joe Bolton 2:41


Women: 1st Brita Ulf 9:14, 2nd Samantha Noll 10:39, 3rd Makaela Victoria Herran 10:53

Men: 1st Scott Channing Hall 7:51, 2nd Joe Bolton 8:32, 3rd Barrett Cox 8:47


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